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Why Spain? Why Planes? Why Air?

Spain is an exciting country to visit. Flying over the country is one of the most interesting things that you would ever want to experience. The glorious sunshine on the ground is reciprocated on air, and as a pilot hovers over the stunning country, it is impossible to ignore the classic beauty of the nation as well as the architectural beauty that resides herein. We invite you to fly over Spain and enjoy lovely moments on irresistible experiences on Spanish air. Our website helps you know how it is like to fly above Spain, and what to look out for. Moreover, we endeavor to make sure that you have an amazing experience since our information is reliable and has been used by many people who have flown over Spain.

We need you to understand that Spain is not a small nation. Therefore, you should be prepared to spend considerable amount of time on air. However, it is worth noting that every minute counts so you should try your best to enjoy. It does not matter if you are the pilot or the passenger; there is always something that we can assure you that you will learn about Spain.

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Top Spanish Airports


Madrid airport or Madrid-Barajas airport is one of the world’s busiest airports and the top on demand in Spain.


Barcelona airport is also known as Barcelona El Prat airport is another astonishing airport.


Palm de Mallorca airport is very popular among holidaymakers and tourists who visit the city all over the year.


Malaga airport is another busiest airport in Spain. The airport has a self-exemplary record in serving its people and foreign travelers.

Tips For Cheap Flight


The holiday period is often expensive to travel, fix travel dates few days after or before the holidays. Joining a frequent flying program is another option where you can earn points and get free companion tickets, cheaper fares.

Credit cards

Signing up for an airline-affiliated credit card is the best method to earn flyer points. There are also airline affiliated stores across different countries; by shopping at these stores you can also accumulate flyer points.


Signing up for email notification is a good strategy towards finding cheap flights. By signing up with your favorite airline website you can be notified of cheap flights.

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